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John Archer

Business Owner

  • Lenexa, KS
  • Sep 21, 2013
Investment Strategy

John has a business degree from Baker University and a degree (cum Laude) from the American Bankers Association's Stonier Graduate School of Banking.  He spent 25 years in banking as a corporate lending executive and was responsible for managing a team that created a family of five mutual funds for a $24 billion bank.  He has been President and CEO of a Kansas City based business since 1998, and completed the Morningstar Investor Training Program in 2011.

The TAB Fund attempts to achieve its investment objective of long-term growth of capital by investing in a focused portfolio of high quality equity securities.  Fundamental analysis is used to identify attractive company characteristics such as strong competitive advantages, low levels of debt, high returns on equity and invested capital, strong free cash flow and exemplary management.

The Fund believes that purchasing high quality companies at prices well-below their intrinsic values is a key element to achieving long-term market out-performance.  Maintaining the required discipline to buy shares only at a significant discount to a company's intrinsic value increases the probability of avoiding losses, and creates an all-important "margin of safety" when investing in equity securities.  This patient and disciplined selectivity process can improve investment results over time.  Securities in the portfolio can frequently experience greater than average short-term price volatility.  The Fund's patient, long-term investment horizon differentiates it from most funds, and allows its investment securities to meaningfully compound in value over time. 

(TAB) Tabernacle Fund
6+ YRS (As of: 03/23/2020) 5.12% 6.87% View Fund Stats
5 YRS 7.17% 9.75% Beat the 50th percentile of mutual funds over 5 years.  
3 YRS 12.40% 10.13% Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 3 years.  
1 YR 10.19% 6.68% Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 1 year.  
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  • TAB Beat the 50th percentile of mutual funds over 5 years.
    Feb 29, 2020
  • TAB Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 3 years.
    Feb 29, 2020
  • TAB Beat the 75th percentile of mutual funds over 1 year.
    Feb 29, 2020

Tabernacle Fund

TAB | Price History
TAB | Fund Positions by Styles
Color Name Allocation Today
Large Cap : Growth 63.32% -0.56%
Large Cap : Blend 12.88% 0.28%
Large Cap : Value 11.39% -1.11%
Unclassified Market Cap : Unclassified Style 8.63% -0.56%
Small Cap : Growth 3.78% -0.56%
TAB | Fund Information

The information below pertains to model data only.

Fund Manager: Total Model Net Assets:
John Archer $1,570,831.22
Inception: Ticker Symbol: # of Securities:
September 21, 2013 TAB 17

The fund invests in both U.S. and foreign stocks, with a bias toward companies classified as large cap growth. The fund can hold equity securities in any number of sectors, and does not purposely strive for sector diversification. Its focus on selecting only a small number of high quality companies at prices significantly less than their intrinsic values, provides opportunities for meaningful long-term capital appreciation. Cash balances can provide considerable portfolio flexibility in volatile market conditions, and the fund will generally prefer to maintain a larger cash position when stock prices are trending higher and deploying cash at times when stock prices are attractively lower.

TAB | Turnover
Last Month N/A
Last 3 Months N/A
Last 6 Months 3.84%
Last 12 Months 11.02%
TAB | 5 Most and Least Profitable
Position Symbol Gains
1 ISRG $138,514.09
2 MA $125,248.38
3 PYPL $86,083.20
4 NVO $67,381.99
5 AAPL $45,895.31
Position Symbol Gains
1 EBAY -$31,747.89
2 IBM -$5,046.61
3 PM -$4,211.36
4 GILD -$3,464.79
5 TROW -$3,043.63
TAB | Skill Metrics
All Positions
Winning % 73.08%
Avg. Gain/Loss Ratio 5.00
TAB | Fund Positions by Sectors and Industries
Color Name Allocation Today
Technology 35.39% -0.61%
Financials 33.61% -0.86%
Health Care 16.95% 0.01%
Unallocated 7.73% 0.74%
Consumer Discretionary 6.32% -0.91%
TAB | Recent Returns vs S&P 500
TAB -0.40% 5.26% 13.01%
S&P 500 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
TAB | Recent Returns
Period Returns S&P 500 Returns Returns VS S&P 500
Last Week -5.69% -6.21% 0.52%
Last Month -26.44% -32.84% 6.40%
Last 3 Months -22.95% 0.00% -22.95%
Last 6 Months -16.78% -24.30% 7.52%
Last 12 Months -10.74% -18.51% 7.77%
Last 5 Years 16.11% 20.27% -4.16%
Since Inception 38.40% 50.23% -11.83%
(Annualized) 5.13% 6.46% -1.33%
Data as of: 03/23/2020
TAB | Alpha/Beta VS. S&P 500
Alpha 0%
Beta 0
R-Squared 0
TAB | 5 Best and Worst Returns
Position Symbol Inception Return
1 ISRG 189.28%
2 MA 166.77%
3 V 121.42%
4 BABA 100.73%
5 AAPL 68.53%
Position Symbol Inception Return
1 SCHW -11.32%
2 IBM -10.00%
3 PYPL 0.00%
4 KBE 5.67%
5 FB 9.93%